Jessica Carilli

Dr. Jessica Carilli (NIWC)
Lead investigator for Puerto Rico Arks project

Forest Rohwer

Dr. Forest Rohwer (SDSU)
Arks concept and lead investigator

Aaron Hartman

Dr. Aaron Hartmann (Harvard)
Arks concept and lead investigator for Madagascar Arks project

Andreas Haas

Dr. Andreas Haas (NIOZ)
Lead investigator for Curacao Arks project

Jason Baer

Jason Baer (SDSU)
PhD student lead for Arks projects

Ashton Ballard

Ashton Ballard (SDSU)
Master's student

Will Barnes

Will Barnes (NIOZ)
Master's student

Adam Candy

Dr. Adam Candy (NIOZ)
Hydrodynamics of Arks

Jose Castillo

Dr. Jose Castillo (SDSU)
Computational modeling of Arks

Bart Chadwick

Dr. Bart Chadwick (CMA)
Engineer and designer of Ark 2.0

Mark Hatay

Mark Hatay (SDSU)
Engineer and designer of Ark 1.0

Xiaofeng Liu

Dr. Xiaofeng Liu (SDSU)
Wind tunnel testing and hydrodynamics of Arks

Andrés Sanchez-Quinto

Andrés Sanchez-Quinto (SDSU)
Post-doctoral scholar

Yun Scholten

Yun Scholten (NIOZ)
Master's student

Anneke van der Geer

Anneke van der Geer (SDSU)
Master's student